IVF and Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) refer to infertility treatments that involve the handling of eggs or embryos. This includes IVF, GIFT, and ZIFT. IVF is the most common form of ART in use today. GIFT treatments make up for less than 2% of all ART procedures, and ZIFT is used less than 1.5% of the time.

IVF (in vitro fertilization): In a typical IVF procedure, fertility drugs are used to stimulate the ovaries to produce eggs. Assuming all goes well at this stage, those eggs are then retrieved from the woman’s ovaries in an out-patient procedure. Next, the eggs are placed together with sperm, in a special cocktail of nutrients, and left alone until fertilization takes place. After fertilization, one to three embryos are placed inside the woman’s uterus.

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